Divorce in Birmingham AL: Breaking the News to Your Kids

Divorce can be an emotional situation for those involved, particularly for the kids. Telling your children about your decision to divorce can be the toughest part of the process. While it can initially be hard to talk to your kids about divorce, you need to be honest about the changes in your family. If you are getting a divorce and want to keep your interests and the interests of your children at heart, you need a reliable divorce attorney Birmingham AL to help you. Your attorney can give you helpful advice as you tackle every aspect of the divorce and break the news to your kids. When you talk to your kids about the divorce, here are tips to help you make it right:

Plan the Discussion

Before you talk to your kids about the divorce, discuss what to talk about first with your spouse. It’s best for you to work through the emotional extremes first before you face your children. If this doesn’t work for you, consider hiring a counselor who can help you tackle the toughest details of the discussion. 

Do It Together

After you have work through what should transpire during the discussion with your children, make sure that you both are present during the talk. You want to make your kids feel comfortable during the talk and understand both of your ability to discuss issues as a family. 

Avoid Assigning Blame

Unless you want to fracture and harm communication during the discussion, you and your spouse should avoid assigning blame.  In fact, blaming the other spouse for what happened to the marriage can make it hard for your kids to accept the new reality. During the talk, always use “we” and explain why the divorce has to happen as a team. You want to show to the kids you will be co-parents regardless of what happens. 

Explain the Reasons for The Divorce

 Dealing with the “why” is inevitable during the discussion as the kids want to ensure they did not cause the divorce. Assure them that they are not the reason for your divorce and give an explanation they can easily digest. 

Tell Them They Always Have a Family

While you will not be married anymore after the divorce, you should tell your kids that you and your spouse will always be their parents. Make sure you answer all questions they may have in mind that discuss what must be discussed, so your children feel better about the end of your marriage.