Ymz: The Story Behind Canada’s Most Successful, Largest Net-Local Radio Station

Ymz, founded in 1984 and owned by Rogers Communication Inc., is Canada’s most successful net-local radio station. Its 25-person staff produces daily morning shows, hourly local news and afternoon sports programs, two youth-oriented entertainment programs, and a bi-weekly community affairs program. OMI is available in the Toronto area on AM and FM at 88.3 MHz, with a signal that covers most of southern Ontario. It is also carried worldwide by satellite (Sunny) and via the World Wide Web at http://www.mixtapes.com .

Rogers Radio Group Inc., part of Rogers Communications Inc., has radio broadcasting interests across Canada serving more than 5 million radio listeners in a variety of formats through its stations, including CJKR-AM/FM Hot 100 and CISS-AM/FM Hot 102.1, EZ Rock 107.3 FM and CHEZ-FM 97 Classic Hits, launched in 2000; CHRW-FM 100 Country (Calgary), launched in 2001; CFBT

The History of Ymz

Canada’s most successful, largest net-local radio station was born out of a grassroots movement in 1999. Ymz Broadcasting Corporation was founded by a group of passionate radio enthusiasts who believed that local radio could be a powerful tool for community engagement and communication.

Since its inception, Ymz has become one of Canada’s leading independent broadcasters, with a network of 34 stations across the country. The station’s programming is designed to engage and connect listeners with their local community, and its commitment to grassroots journalism and listener engagement has earned it multiple awards and accolades.

Ymz is also a proud member of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which regulates broadcasting in Canada. As part of its mandate, the CRTC oversees the operations of Ymz and other broadcast services in order to ensure that they serve the public interest.

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How does Ymz work?

Ymz is Canada’s most successful and largest net-local radio station. Started as a small internet radio station in 2004, Ymz has since grown into a nationwide powerhouse with over 850,000 listeners weekly. How does Ymz work? With a simple mission: to connect people and promote local businesses, Ymz has built an impressive list of sponsors, including some of Canada’s biggest brands. In addition to its main channel, which airs 24/7, Ymz offers a variety of other channels catering to specific audiences, such as music for students and sports fans. Thanks to its widespread reach and loyal listenership, Ymz is one of Canada’s most successful homegrown businesses. Check out our top podcasts. 5. The Biker Patch How long have you been listening to Ymz? 2001 What’s your favourite part? Playing host to popular shows like “Fart, Pray and Repeat,” “The Squeaky Wheel” and “The Drunk Driver.” Some of my other favourites include: “World’s Greatest Car Commercials” and “I Love Podcasting.” Who’s your favourite guest? I haven’t met anyone who didn’t enjoy speaking with Robbie Gordon. He’s a pro – his booming voice and quick wit perfectly complement the topics he covers. Maybe the best thing about him is that he gets over 1 million listeners per month! What’s your favourite show? Although I listen to many different shows, I’m a bit partial

Canadian Radio Industry Today

Ymz is the story behind Canada’s most successful, largest net-local radio station. Broadcasting to a dedicated and passionate fan base in Toronto, the station has consistently achieved superior ratings and continues to grow its audience. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the factors that have contributed to Ymz’s success.

First, Ymz understands its target audience and caters to their needs. The station has a strong focus on music discovery and keeps its playlists fresh by regularly rotating new tracks into rotation. This helps listeners find new music they love and may not have heard before. Additionally, Ymz hosts several popular live shows each week that allow fans to connect with the DJs in a unique way.

Lastly, Ymz has been able to build a powerful branding strategy that allows it to stand out from the competition. From their visual identity (which features bright colors and fun graphics) to their cheeky slogans (such as “Toronto Loves Its Music”), Ymz makes a strong impression on listeners. This strong branding allows them to connect with the station on an emotional level, which can lead to increased loyalty and viewership. To sum it up, Ymz is a popular radio station that plays music from around the world. It is also a highly-reputable company that has built up loyal listeners through its branding strategy. As a result, Ymz attracts a high number of new listeners each month.

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Radio Station

What are the key takeaways for radio stations?

There are a few key takeaways for radio stations. First, it is important to have a clear focus and purpose for your station. Secondly, you need to be constantly evolving and innovating in order to stay ahead of the competition. And finally, it is essential to have a strong relationship with your audience. By following these tips, radio stations can be successful and maintain a loyal following. https://www.wbur.org/?post_type=podcast&p=1035

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Ymz is Canada’s most successful, largest net-local radio station. Started in 2005 by brothers Tyler and Cameron Mackenzie, the station has since grown to become one of the most popular independent radio stations in the country. Airing a mix of local and national programming, Ymz is dedicated to promoting Canadian music while providing its listeners with a unique listening experience.

In addition to its massive online presence, Ymz broadcasts over the airwaves on 107.3 FM in Toronto and Ottawa. The station has also gone beyond traditional radio broadcasting with its website offering exclusive content, including live shows, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage.

While Ymz’s success can be attributed to a variety of factors, including its dedication to Canadian music and unique broadcasting style, one of the station’s most important assets is its team of volunteers. Dedicated listeners who want to help promote their favourite artists can become involved with Ymz’s volunteer program, which allows them to contribute their time and skills to the station.

Whether you’re a music lover or just looking for something different to listen to, check out Ymz – Canada’s most successful, largest net


When Ymz Radio first launched in 2006, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. In the years since, they have become Canada’s most successful and largest net-local radio station. Their mission has always been to empower their listeners by providing them with the best content possible, and they have done just that by breaking down barriers throughout the music industry. From hosting live concerts and events to creating engaging programming, there is nothing Ymz Radio won’t do to help their fans connect with each other. This has been achieved with an incredible amount of passion and determination, as well as the help of thousands of volunteers across the country. They continue to use their unique position in the Canadian music industry to raise awareness and support for various charities throughout the country, including A Very Good Cause, a charity that brings cheer and laughter to children with cancer worldwide.

How To Listen: Ymz Radio streams live 24/7 on their website and app.


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