Nike Metcon 7 Review (2022 Update) – That Fit Friend

Men’s Nike Metcon 7

Nike Metcon 7, Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete, or simply a gym buff looking for a new shoe, you can’t go wrong with the Men’s Nike Metcon 7. Nike’s Metcon 7 is the ideal cross-training shoe, featuring a lightweight mesh upper, a rubber outsole, and Nike React foam. Its innovative traction and flexible construction ensure you won’t lose your focus while you’re working out. The Nike Metcon 7 is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. It’s also available in colorways that include black, white, and grey. You can also customize your Metcon 7s with Nike’s website. This allows you to create a pair that meets your specific needs, and also allows you to see which colorways are available.

The Men’s Nike Metcon 7 has some new construction features, including a re-engineered rubber outsole. It provides firm ground traction and is designed to wrap around the shoe’s arch. It also features a mid-foot rope guard that improves the shoe’s stability for rope climbing. This shoe also has a wide, flat heel that is more stable than previous versions. The heel stabilizing plate also distributes weight evenly and flexes for comfort during cardio intervals. The heel also features a handstand clip, which minimizes drag during wall exercises. It also has a lock-down lace tab, which prevents the laces from untying while you’re working out.

The Men’s Nike Metcon 7, along with its other Nike Metcon models, has become the gold standard for performance footwear for fitness pros. With an inner plate that distributes weight evenly, a rubber outsole that provides intense grip, and a lightweight mesh upper, this shoe is built to handle high-impact workouts. Its Nike React foam also provides comfort and cushioning that you can count on. It’s also perfect for box jumps and sprints.

The Men’s Nike Metcon also offers a slightly narrower fit than the Metcon 6. This helps to provide a supportive base, which is ideal for lifting. The Metcon 7 also features underfoot pressure mapping, which helps to improve the shoe’s responsiveness. It also features a lightweight mesh upper, which ensures durability and a cool, comfortable fit. It’s also available in a wide variety of colorways, including solid black, retro-inspired shades, and solid grey. It also has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, which is perfect for those who prefer a lower drop.

Nike’s new Metcon shoe is perfect for HIIT workouts, lifting, and other high-impact activities. The rubber outsole provides a reliable grip and a wide, flat heel that’s stable. The lightweight mesh upper features Flywire cables, which help keep the shoe snug against your foot. The heel stabilizing plate distributes weight evenly and flexes with your movement. The Metcon 7 also features a handstand clip at the heel, which helps to minimize drag during wall exercises. These features are especially useful for rope climbs, and the Men’s Nike Metcon 7 is the perfect shoe for a variety of strength-training exercises.

The Men’s Nike Metcon is available in men’s and women’s sizes, and you can order it directly from Nike’s website. It’s also available in a variety of colors, including solid black, white, grey, and retro-inspired shades. It is available for $130 in pre-made colorways, or you can customize your pair. Nike also offers a 60-day return policy.