How to Create a Unique Company Name

The success of a company often depends on its name, but many businesses rush to pay specialists for their expertise in naming. However, creating a logo and a unique name for your company doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use the online generator “Turbologo” to develop an effective name without the need for creative skills. By personally designing the logo, you can also incorporate the meaning and history of the company, which can attract and engage your audience.

List of Effective Methods for Coming Up with a Company Name

It may seem difficult to create an original name, with the market already saturated with established businesses. But by following these methods, you can quickly and creatively generate a unique name which can compete with others:

  1. Short Names. A long name can be difficult to remember, and if it is difficult to pronounce, then it is bound to fail. A short, memorable name can quickly stick in the memory, and stand out among competitors. For example: Sony, Apple.
  1. Abbreviations. You can create a unique name for your brand from the first letters of descriptive words. Typically, three or four words are used for this method, to make pronunciation easy, use one or two vowels where appropriate. For example: KFC.
  1. Repetition of Sounds. This method allows for the creation of a company name using similar sounds. Consonants are easy to remember and pronounce, so such names often stand out from competitors. However, this method may not be suitable for all directions. Examples: M&M’s, Kitekat.
  1. Combination of Words. Combining the parts of several words can lead to a unique name for a company. Some businesses even use parts of surnames or relevant words in their activities. However, when parts of words are connected unsuccessfully, it can result in difficult-to-pronounce names that carry negative connotations. It is vital to analyze such names and check for semantic correctness. Examples: Coca-Cola.
  1. Geographical Direction. The name of a city or a famous place can be combined with another word with a relevant meaning. This can emphasise the company’s location, which is unique and original. For example, the founder of Adobe named the company after the beautiful river that flows near his home.
  1. Go Mythical. Unusual and personifying names can be found in ancient myths. For example, a beauty salon could be named after the goddess “Aphrodite”, and a men’s sports club after “Apollon”. The Nike company was named after the goddess “Niki”.
  1. Use an online service. You can use online services to generate a unique name for your business. The Turbologo generator, for example, is an efficient tool that demands only information about your field of activity. You can select from the options proposed by the generator, saving you money and time.


When creating a company name, it is essential to select a name that not only sounds good, but also creates appropriate associations with the business. While specialists may offer expertise, not everyone can grasp the subtleties and values of your enterprise. Therefore, don’t be afraid of personal involvement in name creation. It is exciting and easily achievable using the methods outlined above.