What is Sequin Pants and How to Wear Sparkling Sequin Pants?

sequin Pants, them to be wide-leg with a velvet trim and high waist. They should also be racy enough to be paired with an off-the-shoulder top. Check out HSN to find the right pair for you!

Embroidered sequins

Embroidered sequins on your pants are an easy way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. These ruffled sequin pants have thousands of light-catching sequins hand-sewn into the fabric. The design is fitted through the knee and gently flares at the hem. To complete the look, pair them with a matching blouse and accessories in a noir hue.

High rise waist

Sequin Pants

High rise waist sequin pants are the perfect party wear. They feature a high waist with an elasticized waistband and sequin detailing on the front. They’re also jersey-lined for comfort. They’re ideal to wear while partying, but be sure to care for them correctly. They’re best washed on gentle or dry-cleaned.

Velvet trim

If you’re looking to turn heads, sequin pants are the way to go. They have a high-rise waist with velvet trim and a hook-and-eye closure on the back. The sequins are embroidered into the velvet fabric. You can buy a pair for under $50 at HSN.

This decadent fabric has a rich history. Archaeologists discovered gold sequin disks in King Tut’s tomb in 1922, and sequins are a great way to dress up even the most plain of garments. Sequins are everywhere-from shoes to handbags to clothing. They add a hint of nostalgia and a touch of femme and punk style.

Disco appeal

The disco era, and specifically disco pants, are a staple of female fashion. Many female music stars have embraced disco clothing in their performances. Some of the most notable examples include Kate Bush, Tina Turner, and Dottie West. Other artists who sported disco pants are Christie Allen, Yuri, and Sheena Easton. Men also donned disco pants in the 1980s, such as in the television show Solid Gold.


Whether you’re attending a party or a night out with friends, sequin pants will add disco appeal to your outfit. You can pair a wide-leg pair of disco pants with a satin or going-out top for a statement-making look. You can even slip on sneakers or sandals to complete the outfit.

The disco era was synonymous with free-spiritedness and hedonistic abandon, and women’s clothing was no exception. Tight, restrictive skirts were rarely seen, and the trend was towards sexy dresses that flowed. Bright, satin hot pants and sequinned tops were also in vogue, as were jumpsuits made from Lycra to enhance the body and show off dancing skills. The origin of disco pants is debated, but some say the style was born in San Francisco during the late 1960s.

Styles with sequin top

If you want to look flirty and sophisticated at the same time, a sequin top is your best bet. Paired with the perfect pair of skinnies or your go-to date night heels, this top will turn heads and make you feel like a princess. While you can wear sequins with a variety of styles and accessories, it’s best to keep jewelry simple to allow the sparkles to shine. Choose neutral jewelry to make your sequin top stand out from the crowd, and add neutral shoes to bring out the color of the sequins.

To create a glamorous look, opt for a black sequin top with a pair of black trousers. These outfits are great for evening events, but they can also be worn on the street. You can accessorize with silver hoops or black sandals to complete the look.

Sequin Pants

Choosing a neutral color for your shoes and clutch will help the sequin dress stand out more than patterned ones. They’ll also give you a classier look than sequin tops with contrasting colors. You can choose any color for the bottom half of the dress, and sequin accents on the elbow patches and pockets can help it stand out even more.

A sequin bra top is another great piece to add to your spring and summer wardrobe. You can pair it with a blazer and jeans, or go full-on romantic with a sequin skirt.

The best ways to wear sequin pants

One of those eye-catching textiles that people can’t help but like is sequin. A pair of sequin pants may become your go-to, fashion-forward item when properly picked for certain occasions and coupled with wardrobe complements.

Method 1 Picking out sequin pants

For adaptability, go with black thin pants or leggings.

[1] The most adaptable sequin-containing costume is black. Depending on what you pair a basic pair of black sequin leggings or thin pants with, you can easily create a look that is either fancy or casual. [2]

If you’re wearing leggings or trousers, make sure they’re form-fitting but not too tight and that they reach your ankles or just above them. Avoid donning long trousers or leggings since they will bunch up at the bottom if you do.

Wear Sequin Pants Step 2

For a traditional festive appearance, use sequins in gold or the rainbow. The most common occasions to wear sequins are holiday parties or really upscale occasions with a red carpet feel. You’ll keep your legs warmer by opting for sequin pants over a dress for the holidays. [3]

Depending on your choice, opt for form-fitting or flowy, gold or rainbow sequin trousers. For the greatest results, wear them with a simple black top or sweater.

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To get a rock star appearance, use silver sequin. Due to its frequent usage by musicians in the past, silver sequin often conjures images of stage performers. For a glam appearance, try a pair of bell bottoms or silver sequin thin pants. [4]

To complete the style, pair these trousers with a black rocker T-shirt and black heels or boots.

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Sequin denim in tattered, casual form. The days of sequin being a dressy-only choice are over; you can now find sequin on almost every article of apparel, including jeans. For a sparkling update on a timeless casual item, look for a pair of denim jeans with rips and sequin lining or covering. [5]

For a style that works everywhere, pair torn sequin jeans with a basic white T-shirt, heels, or sneakers.

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For a fun, casual twist, try loose sequin joggers. Currently, a pair of joggers with sequins is another alternative for casual sequinsd your favorite or denim jacket to match with sequin joggers in any color. [6]

For a teific date attire, spice up this look a looksle by pairing it with black shoes.

Method 2 Putting Together Outfits with Sequin Pants

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Avoid using sequins on the remainder of your clothing. Anywhere you have sequins on your body tends to be the focus of attention. To prevent wearing a visually overpowering ensemble with sequin trousers, avoid putting sequins on your top, shoes, and accessories. [7]

The one exception to this rule is a holiday ensemble; for a Christmas or New Year’s party, you may pull off minor quantities of sequin, such as a little amount of sequin lining on a shirt or some shoes, or a small sequin purse.

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For the holidays, wear a flowing top, heels, and tight sequin leggings. For a chic holiday look, get a pair of form-fitting black, gold, or rainbow sequin trousers and team them with a flowing black silk top. [8] Whether it has sleeves or not, your top should be loose and composed of flowing fabric. [9]

Add your favourite black shoes and a tiny black purse to complete this look.

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For spring, pair loose-fitting sequin pants with a T-shirt and sandals. To appear chic at any springtime occasion, wear your loose sequin trousers in any color, particularly bright or pastel hues, with a cotton T-shirt. Put on a pair of simple, strappy sandals that go with your hues to finish off your ensemble. [10]

Instead of a T-shirt, dress up this look by adding a flowy, light-colored button-down blouse.

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For casual daytime attire, pair sequin leggings with an oversized sweatshirt. To wear anyplace you want, pair some flat shoes with a pair of solid dark-colored sequin leggings. For the greatest impact, wear a knit hat and an oversized sweater. [11]

Your sequin pants will contrast well with a soft sweater in terms of texture.


For a stylish, laid-back appearance, add a pair of sunglasses to this ensemble.

Try wearing a white T-shirt with a bomber or denim jacket instead of a baggy sweater.

Method 3 Sequin pants as accessories

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Wear basic jewelry, if possible. When wearing sequin trousers, let them be the centre of attention rather than detracting from them with a lot of sparkling jewelry. Aim to wear no more than 1 or 2 pieces of jewellery at a time. For the holidays, a straightforward long gold necklace worn over a basic black turtleneck and gold sequin leggings would be plenty. [13]

Avoid wearing jewellery or make it fun and non-sparkly while wearing casual clothing. For instance, a nice, casual style may be completed with colourful plastic flower earrings paired with sequin jeans, a T-shirt, and shoes.


Keep your footwear simple. Your best chance with shoes when you’re wearing sequin pants is to keep them simple to prevent an overly busy look. For more formal settings, wear basic black heels or flats, while for more informal settings, wear plain black or white sneakers or sandals. [14]

Try a basic, solid-colored low-top to complete a casual ensemble with sequin leggings, joggers, or jeans. Low-top, flat sneakers look better with sequin trousers than high-tops do.

Always refrain from combining sequin shoes with sequin trousers unless you’re dressed for the holidays. If you do decide to add sequin shoes for the holidays, make sure they are a different colour of sequin, such as black sequin shoes with gold sequin trousers. Keep the sequins out of the rest of your sequin.


Minimalize your hair and makeup styles. If you’re wearing sequin trousers, try putting your long hair up in a straightforward bun or ponytail. For shorter hair, a simple, relaxed style without much volume or embellishments would do beautifully to finish your appearance. If you’re wearing sequin pants, try to restrict your makeup to just some light eyeliner or mascara and matte lip color. [15]

If you’re wearing sequin trousers, body glitter is strictly forbidden unless you’re dressing up for Halloween or a costume party.


Stay away from ornate coats or coats with sequin bottoms. The less sequin the better. A simple, solid-colored denim or bomber jacket would look fine with sequin trousers; a sequin bomber jacket would be overkill. A basic black peacoat would be a fashionable complement to keep you warm if you’re dressed up. [16]

For a laid-back, glam-rocker vibe, pair your sequin trousers with a straightforward black faux-leather jacket.

Additionally, stay away from wearing your sequin pants with other eye-catching fancy fabrics, such fur. Even at a fancy occasion, the total impression of sequin and fur would be extremely overpowering.